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Studio 1 :: Cobhams Asuquo

Zone 1 Radio's Matthew Layton presents Studio 1 - Vision Australia Radio’s weekly look at life from a low vision and blind point of view.

This week…

Studio 1 is going to Lagos in Nigeria to speak to Cobhams Asuquo.

Cobhams is an obedient husband, a doting father, a singer/songwriter on a mission, a health campaigner, a UNICEF Ambassador, a spiritual man…

He is many things.

You’ll enjoy his company.

PLUS: Look out for a special guest appearance from American singer and star of 1980s hit TV series “Highway to Heaven” Tom Sullivan. Talking about the logistics of playing golf as a blind person.


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[PHOTO CAPTION: Studio 1 guest Cobhams Asuquo artfully shot in profile, looking very much the rock star in headphones and purple shades, seemingly about to sing into a microphone.]



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We Go Win (Corona) -

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Vision Australia gratefully acknowledges the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation for Studio 1.

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