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LISTEN: Blind Chefs

Zone 1 Radio's Matthew Layton presents Studio 1 - Vision Australia Radio’s weekly look at life from a low vision and blind point of view.

This week…

A tale of two chefs.

If you’re a regular listener to Studio 1, you’re probably already a fan of Chef Number One, Vision Australia’s semi-tame celebrity chef Tony Broun.

Tony spent most of the Eighties and nineties flambéing all the food groups on television shows and demonstration stages across Australia and around the world.

Then, for various medical reasons we needn’t go into here, Tony lost the majority of his sight.

Which led to him losing his career and his confidence - he just couldn’t do things the same way any more.

But today, having re-found his mojo, Tony tirelessly works to help people who have lost their sight to regain their confidence

Chef Number Two’s story is slightly different.

Alex Kolberg knew from the age of 14 that he wanted to be a chef.

Not necessarily the most logical choice of career for someone who is legally blind.

But with grit, determination and a little help from some special people, Alex is now seven years into his career as a professional chef and has just started a new job at Adelaide eatery Jibbi and Co


CALL or TEXT: 04 500 78834




[PHOTO CAPTION: A tastefully shot picture of some lamb shanks and mashed potato. On a plate, obviously.]



Tammey Candeloro - Counselling 4 You WA - 0423 93 15 74 -


Vision Australia gratefully acknowledges the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation for Studio 1.

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