• Matthew Layton

#FromUpHere 13 :: Ambient Chillout Shoegaze

Have you ever noticed that mysterious little door set in the middle of the brick wall on the right just as you leave London Bridge Underground station and head towards the escalators that take up to the main station concourse

Ever wondered what's behind it?

Has it ever struck you as odd that you've never seen anyone walk in or out of that door?

Those in the know can tell you that it's the goods entrance for Skymind's underground lair where he loving crafts #FromUpHere a soothing wave of ambient and downtempo bliss for ZoneOneRadio - the Mayor of London-funded community radio station for Central London.

But if you were to knock, there would be no answer today.

Skymind is in Norway.

"As much as I was 'onoured by The Committee's decision to award me the Nobel Peace Prize for spreading peaceful loving vibes with the magic of #FromUpHere, I'm afraid I'm going to 'ave to decline. I'ave asked The Committee to give the honour to the European Union."

Who says Skymind doesn't have a sense of humour!

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